論壇系列 Forum Series

以外 something else

主辦機構 Organisers:
Art & Culture Outreach
No Discipline Limited

2893 4808

日期 Date:
21/7/2024 (日 Sun)

時間 Time:
10:00 – 18:30

地點 Venue:
CCG Library,
Asia Art Archive

(11/F Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan)

The event is conducted in Cantonese

*免費參與。 座位有限,須預先登記,成功登記者將於7月15日戓之前收到電郵確認。
Free Admission. With limited seats, prior registration is required. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email by 15 July.

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Tea/coffee and simple lunch are provided free-of-charge. We welcome public donations for the event.




The “Something Else” Forum Series aims to discuss contemporary issues and ideas shaping theatre, performance and art. Traditional boundaries between disciplines, art forms and genres are blurred considerably. Contemporary creation defies singular methodologies or traditions. Through sharing by rule-breaking practitioners, we seek to uncover their concerns, challenges and innovative approaches. By re-examining their processes from ideation to experimental practices, they reveal their creative processes and concepts.

The first forum, “Muses for Theatre-making”, focuses on varied conceptions – from breaking hierarchical thinking and ways of making, to integrating cross-disciplinary influences and media in practice, and to exploring unique dramaturgical and construction methods. Practitioners with outside-the-box mindsets will share their ideas for expanding theatrical practices.

We also invite observers of diverse practices to respond to the sharing and to offer different perspectives and references for discussion to generate new ways in approaching theatre-making. What catalyzes practitioners to challenge norms? By facilitating open dialogues, we hope to invite new perspectives and synergy for exciting creations.

#論壇一 Forum 1: 

沉思劇場創作 Muses for Theatre-making

流程 Rundown

創作起手式 Before Anything Else
馮程程Vee Leong

「場域構作」式思考創作 Scenographic Thinking to Sense-making/Making sense
黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai

裝置先定表演先?Chicken or The Egg?
林欣傑 Keith Lam

從‘讀able’去考慮創作The Complexity of Making Something Readable
陳偉洛 Chan Wai-lok

圓桌討論 Roundtable Discussion
馮美華 May Fung (主持 moderator)
李海燕 Joanna Lee
黃小燕 Phoebe Wong
李筱怡 Bobo Lee
黃大徽 Dick Wong

時段、題目及內容 Session and Topic / Content

10:00 – 11:15
創作起手式 Before Anything Else
馮程程 Vee Leong (劇場創作人Theatre-maker)


Vee Leong will revisit the first steps of art making for some of the interdisciplinary theatre works, which employ a kind of dramaturgy that ‘delays’, first, the conventional positionality of a playwright or director; and second, the fictionalising or dramatisation of an idea into a story. In expanded theatre practices, what are some of the possibilities to start a creative project idea?

主持/觀察員 Moderator/observer:
李海燕 Joanna Lee (獨立藝術及文化從業員 Independent Art & Cultural Practitioner)

11:30 – 12:45
「場域構作」式思考創作 Scenographic Thinking to Sense-making/Making sense
黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai (策劃、製作及創作人 Curator, Producer and Creator)

嘗試以「場域構作」(一般將 Scenography譯作「劇場美學」)作為切入,檢視orleanlaiproject 及 No Discipline Limited過往的一些製作,淺談從概念(非文本或故事)主導,去塑造感知體驗及意義的劇場創作的另一些可能。

What it means by taking scenographic thinking as an approach in theatre-making? By reflecting on a few productions of orleanlaiproject and No Discipline Limited as example, Orlean Lai will discuss on other possible ways in sense-making and making sense in a concept-driven (non-text based or story driven) theatre creation and beyond.

主持/觀察員 Moderator/observer:
黃小燕 Phoebe Wong (文化及藝術研究及評論人 Cultural & Art Researcher & Critic)

14:00 – 15:15
裝置先定表演先?The Chicken or The Egg?

林欣傑 Keith Lam (媒體藝術家及策展人 Media Artist and Curator)


Is it a performance installation or an installation performance? How do the two groups of artists and even the stage lighting and sound designers coordinate and even co-create when they are engaged in the cross-disciplinary collaboration between installation arts and performing arts? Taking some of Keith Lam’s past works in different positions as examples, he will share the excitement and contradictions encountered in such cross-disciplinary collaborations with performing arts, as well as real-life struggles and difficulties when technology becomes a gimmick but offers him more opportunities.

主持/觀察員 Moderator/observer:
李筱怡 Bobo Lee (策劃及製作人 Curator & Producer)

15:30 – 16:45
從‘讀 able’去考慮創作 The Complexity of Making Something Readable

陳偉洛 Chan Wai-lok (編舞及表演者 Choreographer & Performer)


As a creator, Chan Wai-lok is much interested in how to write and how to be read. It does not mean that the creator has to keep the right in controlling the interpretation of the work, but it is about constructing a context that enables the audience to understand the creator’s thinking so as to agree with the creator or argue between them. In this sharing, Chan will talk about certain strategies in tackling the audience relationship, they include the power struggle in-between with a spectrum from wrestling to walking together, to the changes in the state of performance to motivate the audience to adapt and adjust with different reading/perceiving modes, and sharing certain tools to facilitate the exchange between the creator and the audience.

主持/觀察員 Moderator/observer:
黃大徽 Dick Wong (編舞及表演者 Choreographer & Performer)

圓桌討論 Roundtable Discussion

主持 Moderator:
馮美華 May Fung (獨立藝文工作者 Independent Art & Cultural Worker)

觀察員回應 Commentary by Observers:
李海燕 Joanna Lee (獨立藝術及文化從業員 Independent Art & Cultural Practitioner
黃小燕 Phoebe Wong (文化及藝術研究及評論人 Cultural & Art Researcher & Critic)
李筱怡 Bobo Lee (策劃及製作人 Curator & Producer)
黃大徽 Dick Wong (編舞及表演者 Choreographer & Performer)

開放討論 Open discussion

講者簡介 Bio of Speakers:

馮程程 Vee Leong


Writer-director in text-based and intermedia art making since 2010; best known for the critically-acclaimed Who Killed The Elephant (2012, 2021) , Claustrophobia (2017), In Search of the Miraculous (2022). She teaches Dramaturgy at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai

先後成立 orleanlaiproject 及 No Discipline Limited,以策劃人及監製的角色持續發動不同形式的混種協作,邀請不同媒介創作人進行跨域實驗,探索不同展現方式的可能,模糊藝術類型框框、媒界的分野。

特別著迷於跨媒體式 (intermedia) 的構作。她策劃的劇場創作,喜歡引介視覺/媒體藝術家、聲音藝術家和作曲家走入劇場,試圖誘發脫離傳統「劇場」思維的作品發生,開闊劇場的想像和可能性。同時又喜歡將媒體與表演性的協作探索,延伸至跨越表演、展覽、場域特定、社群參與等項目。為2016年為亞洲文化協會年度獎助金得主。

Orlean Lai successively established orleanlaiproject and No Discipline Limited. In the role of curator and producer, she continues to initiate different forms of hybrid collaborations, inviting creative talents across disciplines to conduct cross-domain experiments together, exploring possibilities in different presentation formats, blurring the boundaries between art genres and medium.

She is particularly fascinated with intermedia constructions. In her theatre productions, she likes to introduce visual /media artists, sound artists and composers into the theatre, attempting to elicit works that depart from the conventional “theatre” mindset within the theatre context, thereby broadening the imagination and possibilities of the theatre. At the same time, she also likes to expand the intermedial performativity in various practices, across performance, exhibition, site-specific works and community engaged projects and more. Orlean was the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2016.

林欣傑 Keith Lam

媒體藝術家及策展人,藝術與科技團隊 Dimension Plus 共同創辦人及藝術總監。

作品曾於奧地利媒體藝術節電子藝術大奬 (Prix Ars Electronica)、日本文化廳媒體藝術祭等國際知名藝術節獲獎,並於世界各地的美術館及藝術節展出,包括香港藝術館、日本東京新國立美術館、林茲電子藝術節、比利時科技藝術雙年展、巴西國際電子語言藝術節、ISEA、臺中歌劇院等。2009及2024年分別獲頒香港藝術發展獎的藝術秀獎及藝術家年獎。

Media Artist, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Art & Technology Studio Dimension Plus.

His works have won awards at international art festivals, including Prix Ars Electronica – world leading New Media Arts Award, and Japan Media Arts Festival, etc. His works have been shown around the world including Hong Kong Museum of Arts, The National Art Centre at Tokyo, Ars Electronica Festival, The New Technological Art Award Biennial at Belgium, FILE, ISEA and Taichung Performing Arts Center etc. He was the recipient of Hong Kong Arts Development Council Young Artist Award and Artist of the Year Award at 2009 and 2024.

He is also committed to new media art and design education, he teaches and consults at various universities & institutions in Hong Kong, and curating for museums and organizations.

陳偉洛 Chan Wai-lok

生於香港,創作人及表演者,香港中文大學建築系畢業。其後就讀SEAD (奧地利),並畢業於P.A.R.T.S. (比利時)。於P.A.R.T.S.就讀期間,分別獲歐洲聯盟委員會轄下 Creative Europe – [DNA] network及香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金頒發獎學金。

近年作品包括《愛若有如果》(2022)、《Click》(2021)及《派對底價》(2021),打開對表演性(performativity) 與編排(choreography)的討論;《朵室》(2022)引發觀眾對身體動作及演出之自行想像;《{POV [TWINK / COUPLE (ASIAN) / EXPERIMENTAL]}》(2021) 及其舞蹈錄像《POV》展示現場與錄像之質地及關連。

過往創作包括獨舞《Everyone knows what it means to think》 (2019) 與Mariana Miranda合編的《/bɪˈtwiːn/》 (2019),探討觀者詮釋表演時的個人選擇及自由。

陳氏曾與Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker、Cristian Duarte、Meytal Blanaru、邱加希、梁芷茵、李偉能等藝等合作。 陳氏於2020年與夥伴成立獨立藝術空間牛吉地,為一個旨在探索如何於香港營運獨立藝術空間及與同業們共享場地資源的藝術企劃。

Hong Kong choreographer and performer completed his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium) upon receiving scholarships from the [DNA] network supported by Creative Europe under the European Commission and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund.

He previously studied in SEAD (Austria) after graduating from the Architecture Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His recent works include Reverie (2022), Click (2021) and An Auction without Bass (2021) unfolding perspectives in performativity and choreography. Other works include In the Cloud (2022), provoking the audience’s imagination into body movement and performance; and {POV [TWINK / COUPLE (ASIAN) / EXPERIMENTAL]} (2021) and its video version POV, demonstrating the texture and connection between live and video performance.

Democratic interpretation and emancipation in audience has been one of the major genres he has been exploring in his previous solo Everyone knows what it means to think (2019) and his collaboration with Mariana Miranda, /bI’twi:n/ (2019).

He collaborated with various artists including Cristian Duarte, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Meytal Blanaru, KT Yau, Cherry Leung and Joseph Lee. In 2020, he, together with his fellows, established an independent art space, ngau4 gat1 dei6, which is an art project exploring how to operate and sustain such art space in local art scene, and sharing spatial resources with fellow artists.

主辦機構 Organisers:

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