Unlock the Heart Wan Chai Tour
許敖山 Steve Hui




We all know how to sing, but we just don’t sing anymore. We have all played music, but we no longer do so with lots of sound excuses: no time, no space, no skill. Public spaces are for public use but we pass them by most of the time.

Open spaces in the city are so scarce. It is hard to find a city space just for fun, for daydreaming or for wandering. Since the pandemic, we have been staying so long at home as if being detained. How depressive and boring.

“Unlock the Heart” is an amateur and temporal band. Regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity or music talent, everyone is welcome to join us. The band will perform at and around several open spaces in Wanchai. Using a 1920s Canton old song as its theme, the band will use music and space sharing to unlock people’s heart and keep up people’s spirit.

Workshops for recruited band members will be held in the fall this year, and Music Parade Performance will be organised at the end of 2021 and early 2022.

解心樂團 Unlock the Heart
樂團成員招募 Band Members Recruitment

** 參與資格 requirement:
All age, ethnicity, and music ability are welcome!

** 截止報名日期 enrollment deadline:3/9/2021 (五 Fri)

遴選日 Audition Day

(1) 12/9/2021 (日 Sun) 11am - 1pm
(2) 15/9/2021 (三 Wed) 5:30pm - 9:30pm


新粵謳解心 - 工作坊 Workshop
(只供成功獲選的參加者 for those successfully selected only)

will be announced soon, stay tuned!


巡樂日 Parade Music Performance

will be announced soon, stay tuned!

許敖山 Steve Hui

許敖山以香港為基地,專注混合藝術形式、跨越界別及實驗傳統,經常以多重身份穿梭現代音樂、聲音藝術、多媒體劇場及地下文化之間。其作品曾於香港藝術節、新視野藝術節演出,獲香港小交響樂團、香港城市大學、香港創樂團、進念‧二十面體、現在音樂、無極樂團、城市當代舞蹈團、不加鎖舞踊館委約創作,並與 orleanlaiproject 合作多個跨界項目。主要作品包括與卓翔合作《肖像曲》紀錄歌劇、《1984》電影歌劇、與龔志成合作《家‧春‧秋》現場電影配樂及多媒體歌劇《利瑪竇的記憶宮殿》。作為表演家及唱片騎士活躍於 15 Grams、HKCR 及 DIY 戶外派對地下場域,並於柏林 CTM 及瑞士洛 LUFF 演出。創立及擔任實驗樂團 Decade Ensemble 總監。香港演藝學院作曲及電子音樂碩士,曾任教香港兆基創意書院及香港國際音樂學校,現為香港演藝學院兼職講師。2017年獲亞洲文化協會獎助於紐約考察研究。

Steve Hui is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary artist whose practice mines the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and underground subcultures. Experimenting with tradition and remixing art forms, Hui's music has been presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Microwave International Media Art Festival and New Vision Arts Festival. He has received numerous commissions, from the City Contemporary Dance Company, City University of Hong Kong, Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Unlock Dancing Plaza, Wuju Ensemble and Zuni Icosahedron. He is also a long-time collaborator with orleanlaiproject. Recent theatre works include the documentary opera - Songs of Portrait, cinematic opera - 1984, digital opera - The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci, live soundtracks for the 1950s films - Family, Spring, Autumn, and the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre opening performance - Four Infinities. Collaborative works include Zurich x HK Mirror Factory, Tokyo x HK - Absolute Airplane, installation/performance - Zoo as Metaphor, experimental Naamyam - A Wanderer's Autumn Anthology, dance performance - Almost 55 and never-never land. Hui is active in the local and international underground scene, performing and djing at 15 Grams, HKCR, CTM (Berlin), LUFF (Lausanne), as well as numerous DIY outdoor parties. He is the founder and artistic director of the experimental music group Decade Ensemble. Hui holds a master degree in composition and electronic music from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where he is currently a part-time lecturer. He has also held teaching posts at HKICC School of Creativity and Hong Kong International Institute of Music. In 2017 he was an Asian Cultural Council fellow in New York.