導聽演出 auditory performance

Truth within Earshot?

16.4.2021 (五 Fri) 8pm
17.4.2021 (六 Sat) 4pm & 8pm
18.4.2021 (日 Sun) 12nn & 4pm

香港兆基創意書院 多媒體劇場
Multi-media Theatre, HKICC ee Shau Kee School of Creativity

$280[$140 優惠票價 Concessionary Ticket]


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HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity 
九龍聯合道135 號
135 Junction Road, Kowloon
電話 Tel: 2339 7370


購票優惠 – 設有六十歲或以上高齡人士、全日制學生半價優惠。

Due to specific arrangement, NO latecomers will be admitted. Audience are advised to arrive punctually!
Running time of each performance is about 60 minutes without intermission.
Performed in Cantonese, NO subtitles provided.

Suitable for ages 12 and above.
Discount Scheme – Half-price tickets are available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, full-time students

Alain Chiu

Truth is no longer concrete, let music be





If things you see can’t always tell the truth, can we count on our ears?
Those can’t be heard don’t exist, do they?

Walking down the lane, layers of sounds and scenes whirl and flow. 
Memories, nightmares, imagination or reality. What are they?
We can choose to look away from the daze. But when sound echoes, it cannot be taken away. 

With listening as the key, this journey uses sounds to construct images and takes hearing as an approach to explore the truth.
Human voices may not converse, while music instruments may not just play the notes.
Messages fly above speech, with the performance traverses sonic sceneries.
Soundscapes emerge from the background to take the stage, encounter performers and musicians in the parallel yet overlapping space.   

This is not a concert. There is no character or storyline to trace.
So much more than opening your ears, it means for unleashing your heart. Through this multi-sensory experience of sonic revelation, let’s rediscover our senses and sensibilities.

photo by Carmen So

趙朗天 Alain Chiu

趙朗天,作曲家兼聲音藝術家,作品遊走於當代音樂聲音藝術和多媒體藝術的交匯處。他的創作範圍從傳統音樂、聲音裝置、實驗性音樂劇場到虛擬現實等,跨越不同領域。於三藩市音樂學院取得作曲學士學位,師承 Conrad Susa及David Garner。成立實驗藝術團體Trilateral Lab,致力挑戰表演藝術的現有形式和結構、旨在整合新技術,以激發和培養新思想。

Composer and sound artist Alain’s body-of-works sits firmly at the juncture of contemporary music, sound art, and multimedia art. It ranges from traditional music, sound installations, experimental musical theatre, to virtual reality videos and video installations. Alain received his Bachelor of Music degree in composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He founded Trilateral Lab, an experimental performance collective, dedicated to challenging the existing form and structure of performing arts.

創作 / 製作團隊  Creative / Production Team

概念 / 導演 / 聲境及作曲 Concept / Director / Soundscape Composer
趙朗天 Alain Chiu

創作監製 Creative Producer  
黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai

演出 Performed by​​
Cong 四重奏 Cong Quartet
鄭綺釵 Cheng Yee-chai
劉曉樺 Lau Hiu-wa
蔡運華 Shirley Tsoi
黃譜誠 Chester Wong

文本素材 Text Material  
方祺端 Fong Ki-tuen

聲響設計 Sound Design
​郭宇傑 Jaycee Kwok

燈光設計 Lighting Design
劉銘鏗 Lau Ming-hang

服裝設計 Costume Design​
梁子蔚 Jade Leung

製作經理 Production Manager
林慶麟 Lam Hing-lun

舞台監督 Stage Manager 
吳紫靈 Kami Ng

執行舞台監督 Deputy Stage Manager      
陳樂詩 Chan Lok-sze

演後分享會 After Performance Sharing

24.04.2021 (六 Sat) 4:30pm
艺鵠 Art and Culture Outreach  
香港灣仔軒尼斯道365-367號 富德樓 14樓
14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
免費參與 Free Admission
廣東話進行 Conduct in Cantonese

趙朗天 Alain Chiu
Creator of Truth within Earshot?

楊陽Yang Yeung
從事教育及藝術寫作, 為聲音掏腰包創辦人及藝術總監
Yang Yeung is a writer of art and educator. She is Founding Member and Artistic Director of soundpocket

分享會場地支持 Venue Support for Sharing Talk
艺鵠 Art and Culture Outreach 

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項目計劃資助 Project Grant
藝能發展資助計劃 Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme
香港特別行政區政府 HKSAR Government

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音響器材贊助 Audio Equipment Sponsor

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