No Discipline Limited


嘗試邀請不同文化藝術工作者參與,聯合策劃不同項目,以更寬闊視點、模式及討論,去探索對當代藝術/演出的理解與實驗。當中包括:「演代演義」– 對話系列 (2020) ;獲香港藝術發展局委約,為賽馬會藝壇新勢力壓軸節目策劃了《搭枱》展・演談 – 知識與表演跨領域交流;社區藝術項目「見山不是山」(2021-22)等。

NDL近期獨立策劃項目,亦包括:作曲家及聲音藝術家趙朗天創作的導聽演出《耳蝸裡有隻象 Truth within Earshot?》(2021)、視覺藝術家馬琼珠及吳子昆聯合創作的景像|意狀演出《躺在桌上的物件》(2021)、及Nerve創作的裝置-歌劇-迷睡體驗作品《桑莉吟》(2022)。與及另一社區藝術項目「像是樂園」(2022-23)。


NDL獲亞洲文化協會支持,與香港兆基創意書院合辦名為「Something Foreign」的國際藝術家留駐計劃 (2023),提供一個跨文化交流平台,讓藝術家交流創作的同時,分享對身份、價值、與願景,建立更長遠的聯繫。

No Discipline Limited (NDL) was founded by independent curator – Orlean Lai, in 2019. NDL serves to unleash imagination and creativity through broader cross-disciplinary collaboration. One of its initiatives is to assemble a creative laboratory where intermedia experiment and cross-cultural collaboration can generate synergy.

As a modern convener of encounters among cultural/ arts practitioners, NDL continuously push the limits of curatorial visionary, with a primary focus on contemporary arts/ performance. Its past co-curated projects include dialogue series Performance Matters, (2020), and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council commissioned Finale programme for the Jockey Club New Arts Power – Tables of Contents (2021) – exhibition & lecture performances – from knowledge to performativity exchange; a commissioned community art project series Mountain No Mountain (2021-22).

NDL has recently curated and produced an auditory performance – Truth within Earshot? (2021)with composer/sound artist Alain Chiu; a land|scape performance – Objects Lie on A Table with visual artists Ivy Ma and Ng Tsz-kwan (2021); an installation-opera-trance – Somnium by Nerve (2022); and another community art project series Playground as Metaphor (2022-23).

Orlean also take the role as director and created the installation performance – We Are for Real (2023), and developed it into a performative exhibition – Make & Believe (2024).

With the support from Asia Cultural Council, NDL is now in partnership with HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity in organising an International Artist-in-Residence (2023)– Something Foreign in Hong Kong. The programme serve as a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, sharing of identities, values and visions, in the shaping of arts. It provides opportunity to build lasting connections on ideas and experience sharing between people.