International Artist-in-Residence

Something Foreign

Curated by:
No Discipline Limited

Co-organised with:
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Supported by:
Asian Cultural Council


‘Foreign’ does not only describe something from abroad, but also relate to objects and conditions that appear as unfamiliar, unaccustomed and unexplored. As the start of a dialogue and exchange, ‘Something Foreign’ brings about inspirations from things external to one’s original experience, simply out of the unknown.  

‘Something Foreign’, as the programme title itself suggests, works as a ‘foreign-er’ to generate and aggregate a collective of curiosities and senses among artists and cultural practitioners who would reset themselves to observe, listen and reflect. Journeying through the uncharted waters, we hope to (re)discover something new, and to venture out to an unimagined fathom.

‘Something Foreign’ seeks to bolster and renew inspiration to local arts community by importing ‘foreign things’. Our dedicated International Artists-in-Residence programme is scoped to bring in unfamiliar and unexpected ideas, practices and cultures.

The programme serve as a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, for sharing of identities, values and visions, in the shaping of arts. It provides opportunity to build lasting connections on ideas and experience sharing between people.

Autumn Season Residence (2023)

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Spring Season Residence (2023) – korinsky/seo

春季駐留 Spring Season Residence (2023)


聲音速寫 Sound-sketch

korinsky/seo 一直以自然邊界、技術、物理及有機運動模仿為創作主調。他們在香港一個月的駐留期間,收集各類視覺和聽覺刺激,結合他們最新的研究題材 ——「群織雀與牠們的巢穴」。透過聲域形塑空間,去展現他/她們的概念。

korinsky/seo focuses on nature’s borders, technology, physical aspects and the imitation of organic movement. During their month-long residency in Hong Kong, they seamlessly blend the visual and audio stimuli they gathered from the city with their latest research topic on sociable weavers and their nest. They will introduce a visual and sound idea using sound spatialization. 


Carlo Korinsky (德國) 及 Sujin Seo (韓國) 是駐韓國和柏林的媒體藝術二人組。

2021年,Carlo 與 Sujin 開始以團隊身份為創作單位,以「korinsky/seo 2021」之名推出首個項目,呈現他們在大流行病下,於忙碌而疏離的狀態中誕生的嶄新意念。二人的研究主題及方向「親生命性」(Biophilia),意指人類渴望親近自然、生物的本能。


「korinsky/seo」的作品曾見於仁川「天堂藝術實驗節」(Paradise Art Lab Festival)、Jeungdo鹽藝術博物館、首爾國立現代美術館、西班牙萊里達索里格基金會(Fundació Sorigué)「PLANTA」項目、光州亞洲文化中心,以及首爾現代汽車集團「zer01ne」計劃,等等。

Carlo Korinsky 成立「korinsky/seo」前,是藝術組織「korinsky」成員 

Carlo Korinsky (German) and Sujin Seo (Korean) is an artist duo based in Korea and Berlin.

In 2021 Carlo and Sujin decided to work solely as a team and presented their first project as team korinsky/seo 2021 and showed their new work approaches they have developed during the productive and isolated times of the pandemics to the public. Biophilia, the inborn affinity human beings have towards nature and all living things is the big theme and common aspect of their works.

korinsky/seo’s focus is on nature’s borders, technology, physical aspects and the imitation of organic movement. For that, they collaborate interdisciplinary with scientists, IT experts, engineers and artists from other fields.

Their work has been part of e.g. Paradise Art Lab Festival (Incheon), Salt Art Museum (Jeungdo), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), PLANTA Project (Fundació Sorigué) (Lleida), ACC Gwangju (Gwangju) and zer01ne by Hyundai Motor Group (Seoul).

Before this collaboration Carlo Korinsky was/is part of the artist collective studio korinsky:

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Something Foreign is made possible in part with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to advance international understanding through cultural exchange in the arts.

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities that support individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals in Asia and the United States.