International Artist-in-Residence

Something Foreign

Coming Soon!

‘Foreign’ does not only describe something from abroad, but also relate to objects and conditions that appear as unfamiliar, unaccustomed and unexplored. As the start of a dialogue and exchange, ‘Something Foreign’ brings about inspirations from things external to one’s original experience, simply out of the unknown.  

‘Something Foreign’, as the programme title itself suggests, works as a ‘foreign-er’ to generate and aggregate a collective of curiosities and senses among artists and cultural practitioners who would reset themselves to observe, listen and reflect. Journeying through the uncharted waters, we hope to (re)discover something new, and to venture out to an unimagined fathom.

‘Something Foreign’ seeks to bolster and renew inspiration to local arts industry by importing ‘foreign things’. Our dedicated International Artists-in-Residence programme is scoped to bring in unfamiliar and unexpected ideas, practices and cultures.