International Artist-in-Residence

Something Foreign

Curated by:
No Discipline Limited

Co-organised with:
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Supported by:
Asian Cultural Council


‘Foreign’ does not only describe something from abroad, but also relate to objects and conditions that appear as unfamiliar, unaccustomed and unexplored. As the start of a dialogue and exchange, ‘Something Foreign’ brings about inspirations from things external to one’s original experience, simply out of the unknown.  

‘Something Foreign’, as the programme title itself suggests, works as a ‘foreign-er’ to generate and aggregate a collective of curiosities and senses among artists and cultural practitioners who would reset themselves to observe, listen and reflect. Journeying through the uncharted waters, we hope to (re)discover something new, and to venture out to an unimagined fathom.

‘Something Foreign’ seeks to bolster and renew inspiration to local arts community by importing ‘foreign things’. Our dedicated International Artists-in-Residence programme is scoped to bring in unfamiliar and unexpected ideas, practices and cultures.

The programme serve as a platform for cross-cultural dialogue, for sharing of identities, values and visions, in the shaping of arts. It provides opportunity to build lasting connections on ideas and experience sharing between people.

Programme Structure & Special Features

.Two seasons in a year: Spring (April/May) and Autumn (October/November) every year
.1-2 international artists each season
.4-6 weeks of residence
.Performative Presentation (1st week) and Experience Sharing (last week) of residency
.Exchange with local arts practitioners during residency
.Jamming, workshops and other experiments with local artists (can be arranged, upon the needs of the visiting artists)
.Mentorship for students of Co-organising Organisation (students as research / project assistants for the visiting artists)

Supports to the Visiting Artists

.Round-trip of International flight
.Accommodation of 4 to 6 weeks
.Living allowance during the residence
.Additional research allowance during the residence
.Studio space
.Technical support
.Organising the Performative Presentation and Experience Sharing with the visiting artists
.Assist in networking with local arts professionals
.Providing advice and assistance on the research / experiments initiated by the visiting artist


.Interdisciplinary, performance, media art, visual arts, music
.Artists who are interested in collaboration with art professionals of other medium and disciplines
.Intermediate level of English is required to be able to understand and interact with others.


Please send the following info to us at:, with the subject: “Foreign Something – AIR application”

.Biography(within an A4 page)
.Brief portfolio (or website)
.Artist’s statement on the focus of your art practice
.Residence Period preferred

Submission Deadline: Dec 30, 2022

Curated by:

Co-organised with:

Supported by:

Something Foreign is made possible in part with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to advance international understanding through cultural exchange in the arts.

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities that support individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals in Asia and the United States.